Who Are We?

Welcome! We are a social group of atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers in Brainerd, Minnesota and the surrounding area. We are a diverse group of people with all ages and backgrounds, and we always welcome new people.  Whether you have recently lost your faith, or have been a lifelong non-believer, we would love to meet you!

Group Guidelines:

-People are not allowed to attend meetings for the sole purpose of preaching or proselytizing any particular worldview. Debate and discussion on any topic is welcomed and encouraged, but only if the debate is respectful and productive.

-Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

-Members are expected to keep the names of other members private, as many people are not “out” in the community as atheists/freethinkers.

-When potlucks are held at a member’s home, it is expected that members will keep that address private as well.

-There are no “dues” in our group, but donations to help pitch in for the cost of running the Meetup.com page and other event costs are always appreciated.
Members are asked to RSVP for all events, simply for the purposes of planning. 

-Especially if the meeting is at a restaurant, we want to be courteous and give the restaurant an accurate number to plan for. This can be done by through our page on Meetup.com, http://www.meetup.com/Lakes-Area-Atheists-Freethinkers/ or by emailing lakesatheists@yahoo.com. All events are listed on our website, http://lakesareaatheists.blogspot.com/p/meetings.html

-LAAF maintains a lending library of books, audiobooks, and DVD’s related to atheism/freethought. The list can be found on our website: http://lakesareaatheists.blogspot.com/p/lending-library.html. Any member is welcome to borrow from the library. Just email lakesatheists@yahoo.com with your request, and we will sort out how to get the book to you.

-In general, don’t be a jerk. :-)

Come join us on Meetup at http://www.meetup.com/Lakes-Area-Atheists-Freethinkers/
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